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Can I retake the exam if I fail the first time? 

An examinee may take the examination twice within a thirty day period, if necessary. If a third attempt is required, the examinee must wait at least sixty days from their last attempt.

There is only one legitimate reason for an examinee to re-test:

The examinee did not pass the examination.
To re-take the certification exam, contact the individual or group that facilitated your initial certification exam and tell them that you want to re-take the exam.


My ServSafe® Certification is valid for how long?

ServSafe® certification is valid for five years. However, this requirement may vary depending on the local regulations in your area, and possibly your own employer’s standards. You should follow the most stringent guidelines.


How often are the NRA Culinary Examinations Updated?

The exams are updated once a year, but we strongly recommend printing off new exams before each exam session.  There can be times throughout the year where an update may be needed and this will ensure you are administering the most recent version of the exam.

Contact us if you have questions about the classes and certification process. We are here to help!


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